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Elegant and shapely, with soft, relaxed curves and flowing lines, the Jacaranda combines exquisite comfort with timeless style.
The fully sprung fixed seat and back offer exceptional comfort and support, with minimal maintenance.
Fabric options include Velvets, Cottons, Linens and our exclusive Bagru collection – a heavyweight, hand woven and hand printed cotton, which gives this statement piece a stunning, bohemian twist.
Perfect for:

● Casual and formal settings
● Busy homes and lifestyles
● Those who want something striking and unique

Width – 198cm Depth – 103cm Height – 87cm

Width – 168cm Depth – 103cm Height – 83cm

Width – 125cm Depth – 103cm Height – 83cm

Width – 89cm Depth – 102cm Height – 94cm

Curved Plain Footstool
Width – 132cm Depth – 80cm Height – 32cm

Buttoned Footstool
Width – 132cm Depth – 80cm Height – 32cm

Rectangle Footstool
Width – 166cm Depth – 82cm Height – 34cm