Jotul F 377 Advance

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To keep an iconic design relevant, it is all about refining the details, and now we have done it again. We believe that good design should be a team player for your body – that’s why we, for the Jøtul F 370 Advance series, have developed a new door mechanism with improved ergonomi. Iconic and award winning as the Jøtul F 370 series has become, it has now been further improved and offers even more functionality. With its new, magnetic door locking mechanism, you will experience a smooth and effortless opening of the door. An intergrated ‘stay-functionality’ in the door, becomes useful when placing logs on to the tinder-bed. The door will stay open until you give it a small push on the handle, and it closes. Jøtul F 377 Advance includes elegant and heat-retaining décor from soapstone. It also features a practical storage space in the base with a detachable shelf for increased flexibility.

• Ergonomic door solution
• Celebrated design
• Clean glass with upgraded air system
• Height 1172 mm
• Width 494 mm
• Depth 489 mm
• Weight 221 kg
• Log size up to 33 cm
• Flue outlet Ø 150 mm
• Flue exit options Top / Rear
• Nom output 6.0 kW
• Efficiency 78%
• Heating capacity up to 100 m²
• Heating capacity cubic up to 250 m³
• CO Emission 0.06%
• Dust Product Emission 4 mg/Nm³
• NOx Emission 93 mg/Nm³
• OGC Emission 45 mg/Nm³
• Closed combustion Yes
• Clean burn Yes
• External air intake Yes
• Ash solution Yes