Scan 41-1

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As far as Danish Design goes, Scan 41 is classic and elegant. This is a design expression that leaves you with many possibilities, when it comes to placement and interior decoration in the home. Scan 41 is a medium-sized stove with a large glass front door. This provides a perfect view of the flames, which also creates a warm and cosy ambiance. The stove is available with or without glass on the sides, so you can opt to have an even better view of the flames. The solid closing mechanism makes the stove user friendly to operate with only one hand.

● Elegant aluminum handle
● Prepared for closed combustion
● User friendly to operate with only one hand

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● Nom output 6.0 kW
● Height 1136 mm
● Width 490 mm
● Depth 371 mm
● Weight 119 kg
● Log size up to 30.00 cm
● Flue outlet Ø 148.00 mm
● Flue exit options Top / Rear
● Efficiency 79 %
● Heating capacity up to 120 m2
● CO Emission 0.10 %
● Dust Product Emission 20 mg/Nm3
● NOx Emission 117 mg/Nm3
● OGC Emission 92 mg/Nm3
● Closed combustion Yes
● Clean burn Yes
● External air intake Yes
● Ash solution Yes