Town and Country Saltburn ECO Smoke Control

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The Saltburn Smoke Control is controlled by two simple levers which are below the door, these levers take the place of the spin wheels. One lever controls the primary air and the second lever controls the secondary and tertiary air. Once the fire is established, there is no need to use the primary air lever except with smokeless fuel, even when re-fuelling.

The Dalby and the Saltburn Smoke Control stoves both have the same interiors & specifications. The Dalby is the curved door model, the Saltburn is the flat door model.

• 5kW
• Multifuel
• Smoke Control
• ECO Design Ready
• Energy Class A+
• Energy Efficiency Index 108%
• 81.2% efficient
• 5” flue (top flue only)
• Suitable for a 12mm Hearth
• Built in Tertiary Air
• Optional Outside Air Kit
• Optional Remote Control
• Distance from combustible material with additional heatshield:
Back 200mm / Side 400mm
• Brass or Stainless Steel Handle
• Max. Log Length 300mm
• Viewing area – 300mm wide x 265mm high approx.
• Weight 61 kg

• Outside air kit
• Available in a variety of colour options